Water Security and Climate Change

Scientists, policy makers and stakeholders from various sectors discuss the diverse facets of water security and its relation to climate variability and change.

The availability of water affects many of humankind’s social and economic actions and is an essential component of ecosystems. Hence, water security is one of the major challenges faced by society today, on both a global and local level. Additionally, impacts of climate change and water-related hazards are increasingly decisive for food security, well-being, poverty, conflict or peace and have become a key component of social development.

Water security as well as climate change are cross-cutting elements of recent global agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Science should and can play an important role in contributing to the achievement of these goals.

The Water Security and Climate Change conference (WSCC) strives to go beyond science and build bridges between various disciplines and sectors as well as different groups of stakeholders. Serving as a platform for discussions about water and food secure societies, by providing a stimulating environment with the intention of yielding innovative ideas and grounds for implementation, the WSCC is continuing a series of successful conferences in Thailand, Germany, Kenya and Mexico.

The WSCC is an initiative of the ‘Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation – exceed’ program, and has been implemented since 2016 under the auspices of the Centers for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD) and the Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries (SWINDON) network. The scientific committee includes the Food Security Center (FSC) as well as the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

In 2021, WSCC is convened by the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) in Hanoi. More information will soon be available.

Call for Sessions – deadline extended!

WSCC is pleased to announce that the deadline for call for session for the Water Security and Climate Change conference 2021 is extended to 15th July 2020! The community of Water and climate change experts are invited to propose session outlines. A proposals selection will be made by the WSCC scientific committee.

By hosting a session you will have the chance to expand your network and to contribute to the development of a global partnership in accordance with SDG 17. Session chairs will be presented on the WSCC website.

Find further Information here (PDF).

Call for Abstracts

We are pleased to invite the community of water and climate change experts to propose abstracts for the WSCC, 1-3 March 2021. Abstracts can be submitted on the WSCC website between 25 June and 30 September 2020!

The WSCC strives to offer a platform for international exchange, to uncover interdisciplinary linkages and to release synergies between scientific evidence and both societal and political decision strategies. We seek to contribute to a significant social change, following the idea of the Green Deal – as currently discussed in Europe. For example, abstracts that deal with transformation strategies in the sense of the ecological reconstruction of the economy are welcome. We kindly invite contributions of creative and practical approaches with relevance for water security and strategies to cope with climate change considering technical ecologic, economic and societal dimensions.

Find further information here (PDF)