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Climate Risk, Water Management and Sustainable Agriculture


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by the organizers
Partner Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
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Title Climate Risk, Water Management and Sustainable Agriculture
Objective(s) 1.   To assess the climate-induced risk through mapping of climate extremes and vulnerability,

2.   To analyse the potential of various water augmentation and water demand management interventions to reduce climate-induced water stress at the basin scale,

1.   To provide evidence towards the impact of climate-resilient agricultural practices.

Abstract Existing evidence suggests that the impact of climate variability and human-induced climate change on hydrology will accentuate in near future, especially in the global south impacting water availability for different sectors. To better prepare and adapt to such impacts, the risk posed by the climate-induced extremes needs to be assessed, and subsequently, interventions should be planned to ensure water security for domestic, productive, and environmental purposes.
In this context, the session ‘Climate Risk, Water Management and Sustainable Agriculture’ will present an assessment of the climate extreme hotspots in the countries of South Asia with a focus on the complexities and non-linear trends and patterns, and the risk they pose to the communities in terms of water stress. Thereafter, the potential of water accounts and scenario-based water balance analysis for identifying interventions to reduce water deficit at the river basin scale and adapt to climate-induced risk will be demonstrated through the specific case studies. Finally, the evidence on sustainable agricultural and water management practices that can prepare communities in building resilience to climate-induced risk will be presented.
Mode of delivery Hybrid
Contact person Mr. Nitin Bassi