Co-producing climate adaptation strategies for mountain water security

Keynote Session for Conference Theme 1
22.11.2023 09:00 – 09:45
Main Auditory
Prof. Wouter Buytaert

Mountains are among the most at risk of global climate change. They combine highly complex and variable biogeochemical processes with vulnerable populations and development challenges. The high complexity of such systems is a challenge to the design and implementation of adaptation strategies. They need to be adapted to the local environment, but also with the socio-cultural setting and specific human and environmental needs. A co-production approach can help ensuring that the multi-faceted needs and preferences of vulnerable communities are accounted for. Using experiences of projects in South America, Africa, and South Asia, my talk elaborates the challenges and opportunities of co-producing adaptation strategies for water security, and highlights some success stories using novel approaches and technologies for data collection, analysis, and knowledge production.