Vladimir Kendrovski

World Health Organization | Technical officer, Climate change and health

Keynote Speaker

Vladimir Kendrovski

Dr. Vladimir Kendrovski (MD, MSc, PhD) is a medical doctor and specialist in hygiene and environment and health.  He works as a technical officer for climate change and health in the WHO Regional Office for Europe. He acts as a specialist in the field of health aspects of climate change, providing and facilitating access of the Member States to technical expertise and programmes enhancing their risk assessment and management capacities. He assists Member States in the development and implementation of policies in relation to climate change, extreme events and health issues. He promotes training and national capacity development on climate change and health.

Keynote on "Water Supply and Climate Change"

Climate change undermines access to safe water by threatening water security and water safety. The expected stress on the hydrological cycle, freshwater resources and water quality poses a danger to human health and development. Management of all water resources will need to be improved to ensure adequate provision and quality. The World Health Organization works with countries in responding to these challenges and has developed guidance on climate resilience for its water safety plan approach. The Protocol on Water and Health, which links sustainable water management with the prevention, control and reduction of water-related diseases in Europe, and puts increased focus on climate change resilience in its 2017–2019 programme of work. The WHO European Centre for Environment and Health Climate, located in Bonn (Germany), addresses threats to water availability and quality in the context of climate change adaptation. Adapting water supplies to one of the greatest health risks of the 21st Century can reduce the burden of climate change on public health.

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