Institute for Resource Management – inter 3 GmbH

Wolf Raber

Dipl.-Ing. Wolf Raber is a researcher at inter 3 focusing on water management concepts and urban/rural transition processes in in Iran and Germany. He is mainly concerned with Integrated Water Ressource Management, agricultural transformation, wastewater reuse and development of commodity chains.

Keynote on "Action plan for combating climate-induced rural exodus in Central Iran"

The results of the project “Climate change adaptation strategies for a sustainable land use in the lower reaches of the Zayandeh Rud River, Iran” are presented.

In a multistage participatory process based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, measures have been developed to cope with frequent water shortages and ongoing desertification in the arid downstream area of the basin. An action plan compiles feasible and acceptable approaches for a sustainable land use concept that helps stakeholders preventing or reversing land degradation and using water resources efficiently.

During the presentation, findings of a vulnerability analysis on farmers in the project area are presented. The focus lies on biophysical and socio-economic drivers triggering migration of local citizens.

Furthermore the participatory approach for developing problem resolution measures is presented, concluding with the main packages of the action plan as final product of the project.