Building Resilient Food Systems Through Efficient Water Use


Sustainable land and water management are two of today’s greatest challenges. Climate change and a growing global demand for resources respectively increase the uncertainty and the pressure on water resources and agricultural production. The increasing water scarcity and food demand call for more efficient and resilient agricultural systems i.a. producing ‘more crop per drop’. In this session, we take a look at the importance of water use efficiency (SDG 6.4) for resilient food systems (SDG 2.4). We would like to reflect on how to increase water use efficiency (WUE) for agricultural production and on how resilient food systems (will) look like when aiming at water security under climate change.

We welcome session contributions such as

  • Concrete case studies, demonstrating (in) how (far) increased WUE leads to greater resilience and sustainable agriculture (food security, incomes, health)
  • Concrete case studies where it does or did not and a discussion of why not
  • Literature reviews, identifying focal points and blind spots in related research
  • Modelling studies, including scenario and impact assessments
  • Reflections on innovative methods, such as serious games for assessing or teaching about WUE and/or resilient food systems


To raise awareness on the link between water use efficiency and resilient food systems, fostering a relevant knowledge exchange and discussion and recognising the critical role sustainable NRM play on agricultural sustainability and food security.


Sustainable NRM (Natural Resources Management), IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management), Land and Water Management, Agricultural Sustainability, Food Security


  • Keynote / introduction (10 min.)
  • Four presentations (à 10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)
  • 2-3 poster presentations (à 5 minutes + 3 minutes discussion)
  • Overall questions, discussion, wrap-up: key take-away messages

Oral Presentations

  • Sucozhañay, Adrian; Guerrero-Coronel, Rigoberto; Guerrero-Coronel, Rodrigo; Peña, David; Pesántez, Juan; Célleri, Rolando: Supporting food security through the use of rainwater harvesting to supply vertical hydroponic systems in Andean cities
  • Ayyad, Saher; Khalifa, Muhammad: Unlocking the potential of agricultural productivity and water use efficiency in the Eastern Nile Countries

Poster Presentations

  •  Salazar-Hernandez, Elizabeth; Jacome-Sanchez, Heidi Anabel; Lopez-Gonzalez, Yovani; Sanchez-Zarate, Neira; Marcos-Valencia, Erik: Use of the leachate produced in a landfill in Veracruz, Mexico as a liquid biofertilizer
  • Lunyolo, Lilian Daphine; Khalifa, Muhammad; Ribbe, Lars: The climate, land use and food “triple” challenge and opportunity for Uganda

Hosted by

Mirja Michalscheck

Consultant / PostDoc

Farming Systems Ecology Group, Wageningen University and Research

Daniela Gomez


Food Security Center, University of Hohenheim

Heinrich Hagel


Food Security Center, University of Hohenheim