Circular Design-Built Strategies for Climate-Friendly and Citizen-Driven Urban Water and Food Systems


The subject of the session is the organizational and design-built integration of technical module sets for the combined use of water treatment and reuse in urban farming; whether at ground  level, in vertical structures or on the roof-tops of the city.

The focus is on combined water and farming systems that are easy to implement and operate, and are therefore particularly suitable for collective and sharing usage. Ideally, they are also not place-fixed and can be used flexibly by the citizens in different locations.

Central questions for the session are therefore: How can service water, rainwater and urban fertilizers become useable in a cooperative and productive way? How can blue-green infrastructures become part of a climate-friendly urban development driven by citizen? How, how much and in what quality can edible green, biodiversity and a pleasant urban climate be reproduced by mobile and rather low-tech design-built strategies? Contributions are sought that deal with the design and technical feasibility, from operation and maintenance to the mapping of combined water and farming systems and their ecosystem services in the urban context of the global South or North.


Mobile Blue-Green Infrastructure, Circular Water Management, Vertical Farming, Hydroponics, Climate-Friendly and Citizen-Driven Urban Design

Hosted by

Grit Bürgow

TU Berlin

Anja Steglich

TU Berlin