Drought Risk Assessment and Mitigation


Droughts are very common phenomena that occur worldwide and may cause the society tremendous amounts of economic loss and social damage with long-term consequences and difficulties to overcome. In the context of climate change, droughts are increasingly threatening not only economy, but also ecosystems and food security in the most vulnerable countries. Take Vietnam in 2019-2020 dry season as an example, drought and saline intrusion have greatly affected the life, activities, and agricultural yields of the Mekong Delta, where is Vietnam’s largest rice bowl. It is important to assess the changes in spatiotemporal trends of droughts in the regional scale. This information will help us understand the impacts of climate change and drought. Implementation of drought assessment will support policymakers and water resources managers in developing coping strategies and drought management plans.This session seeks for research studies on advancements in development, application, technology, and model to further heighten exploration of droughts, climate change and their impacts on socio-economics. In addition, this session solicits solutions in short-and long-term visions of technologies, policies and institutions to prevent and reduce the damages caused by drought.


The session will be held in 120 minutes with expected 4 –5 presentations. The first report will be an opening keynote, which will be presented by a worldwide well-known scholar. Subsequent reports on the topic of droughts will be presented for 15 to 20 minutes with 5-minute discussion for each presentation.

Oral Presentations

  • Arias Ramirez, Erika Lucia; Ribbe, Lars; Charcas Salazar, Hilario; Rocha Escalante, Hermann; Posso Suarez, Christian: Approach for a sustainable irrigation district in Monterrey, Casanare, Colombia
  • Gutierrez-Garcia, Kenneth; Aviles, Alex; Nauditt, Alexandra; Birkel, Christian; Arce, Rafael: Probabilistic analysis of meteorological drought using Markov chains and Bayesian networks in the seasonally-dry tropics of Costa Rica
  • Vanwalleghem, Tom; Jiménez-Donaire, Maria del Pilar; Giráldez, Juan Vicente: Assessment of Agricultural Drought under Climate Change in Spain
  • Kaur, Harnoor: Who Drives the Media Discourse on Droughts?: a case study of Maharashtra, India.

Hosted by

Yuei-An Liou

Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Science

Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University, Taiwan

Tom Vanwalleghem

Associate Professor

School for Agricultural and Forestry Engineering, University of
Cordoba, Spain