Water and Land for Agriculture and Food

Session Chairs: Heinrich Hagel & Daniela Gomez, FSC

  • Sayed, Ebtehal; Hassan, Ahmed: Management of the Moghra Aquifer Considering Climate Change Implications
  • Ricart, Sandra; Castelletti, Andrea: How far is climate change adaptation policy from practice? Contrasting the effectiveness and acceptance of local and regional strategies in irrigated agricultural systems in Northern Italy
  • García Sánchez, Sergio Osvaldo; Guarín Cifuentes, Diego: Nexus efficiency of centralized and decentralized models for water management and food production in the region of Alentejo, Portugal
  • Abayomi, Ewemoje; Matthew, Oke: Water Management Optimisation of Pumpkin (Cucurbita Pepo) under Drip Irrigated Field in Ede Southwest Nigeria
  • Kasebele, Miriam; Jacobs, Suzanne; Rufino, Mariana; Breuer, Lutz: Nitrogen inputs for agriculture in a tropical montane catchment, a water quality ambiguity?
  • Mphande, Goodfellow: Effects of Sedimentation on Reservoirs in the Mushibemba Catchment, Mkushi Farm Block, Central Zambia

Water Security Hazards and Risks

Session Chairs: Oscar Baez Villanueva & Ian McNamara, TH Köln

  • Wahid, Shahriar: Water security and COVID-19 recovery: Lessons from research in South Asia
  • Vinh, Hoang Duc; Liou, Yuei-An: Flash flood susceptibility mapping using Machine learning techniques
  • Ahsan, Md MoynulPolicy Responses and Challenges on Cyclone Disasters in Bangladesh: Lessons from Cyclone Sdir, Aila and Amphan
  • Lolupiman, Ticha; Luangdilok, Narongrit; Sisomphon, Piyamarn: Development of Operational Drought Monitoring using Drought index in Thailand
  • Pham, Chi Trung: Situational Analysis Climate Change Impacts on the Livelihood of the Coastal Communities, a Case of Phu Tan District, Ca Mau Province
  • Tiwari, Shubham; Yadav, Brijesh Kumar: Managed Aquifer Recharge in Saline Regions for Enhanced Recovery of Freshwater

Water Management and Security in Relation to Climate Change and Policy Making

Session Chairs: Mukand Babel, AIT; Andreas Haarstrick, SWINDON

  • Daryadel, Ehsan; Amini, Azam: The Interaction of Development Projects and Climate Change on Sustainable Security in Shared Water Bodies, A Case Study: Euphrates and Tigris River Basin
  • Eid, Asmaa; Olatubara, C. O.; Ewemoje, T. A.; El-Hennawy2, M. T.; Farouk, Haitham: Environmental Monitoring and Management of Land Use and Land Cover Change in the Protected Coastal and Inland Wetlands of El-Burullus and Wadi El-Rayan Lakes, Egypt
  • Monson Serpa, Kelvin; Moster, Claudia: Biodiversity and water security: can we linkage?
  • Musa, Naeem; Rafa, Ahmed Yesvi; Ilman, Ahnaf; Syed, Md. Abu: Water Management Policies, Risk Factors and Climate Change Effects in Ecosystem and Economics
  • De Silva, Neelahandi Yenushi Kavindi; Babel, Mukand S.: Assessing the Impacts of Internal Climate Variability on Rainfall under Climate Change Scenarios in the Mun River Basin, Thailand

Urban Water Management

Session Chairs: Greta Dekker, TH Köln; Ania Wilk-Pham, TU Berlin

  • Kilinc, Sultan; Daloglu Cetinkaya, Irem; Guven, Basak: Modeling water security of a Metropolitan under future climate and population scenarios
  • Ashwin Ram, Sridharan; Irfan, Zareena Begum: Factors Influencing Adoption of Smart Water Metering and Domestic Water Consumption: A Case Study of Chennai Metropolitan Region
  • Liu, Kexin; Kinouchi, Tsuyoshi; HENG, Sokchhay; TAN, Reasmey; CHHUON, Kong: Modeling urban flash floods and the transport of pollutant and pathogen using SWMM: A case study of Phnom Penh City
  • Chrispim, Mariana Cardoso; Nolasco, Marcelo Antunes; Scholz, Miklas: Resource recovery from wastewater treatment plants in megacities of developing countries: current status and potentials
  • Rehman, Abdul: Towards Re-Defining Urban Water Supply Monitoring System in Karachi
  • Mobilia, Mirka; Longobardi, Antonia: Using satellite imagery to detect land cover change and the suitability for green roof retrofit in Preturo municipality