Groundwater Management – A Main Stay for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply


Groundwater can be a valuable second freshwater resource in arid semi-arid regions, particular for irrigated agriculture but also for maritime urban regions. However, the management must take into account the renewal rates, the available water supply, the vulnerability and the hydro-dynamics to meet all requirements for long-term public supplies-strategy. Powerful IT-techniques have evolved to model the large-scale but very slowly reacting groundwater bodies. Fade into obscurity is the fact, that tools are just powerful and practical, if a calibration and validation have done. The necessity to carry on measuring device, to understand the groundwater specific circulatory and the architectural must not sink into obscurity. An exchange of view on the performance and limitations of groundwater models can be fruitful if new aspects can be derived from them.

Primary goal is the scientific exchange of application of numerical groundwater and hydrological models as kernel of regional management strategies. Further, emphasis will be laid on regional management strategies, to figure out the applicability of groundwater models for national/regional water management that finally serves for the purpose of sustainable water supply, and to explore basic difficulties (data availability!), possible gaps, possible research Demands.


  • Groundwater systems for freshwater supply
  • M3G: Monitoring – Modelling – Management – Government

Planned Session Structure

  • Session Keynote (15 min.)
  • 5-6 Specialist Presentations (each presentation 15 min.)
  • Discussion (30 min.)

Hosted by

Andreas Haarstrick

Swindon – Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

Mukand S. Babel

Professor and Water Expert at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)