Mainstreaming Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for Sustainable Groundwater Management


The role of groundwater use in buffering the effects of climate variability on water supply is increasingly acknowledged. Today, 38% of agriculture production worldwide relies on groundwater and half of the world population living in megacities can be considered groundwater-dependent. In the case of Asian region countries, such as the host of the conference, these percentages of dependence are even higher. Ensuring the sustainable management of groundwater systems is critical in striving for water security.  

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) are actions inspired by, supported by or copied from nature. They can be considered as the operation of nature in responding to challenges such as climate change, food security, water resources, or disaster risk management, including a wider definition of how to conserve and use biodiversity in a sustainable manner.

NBS can serve as a cost-effective approach for regions to reduce or buffer the negative impacts of intensive groundwater use, while at the same time enhancing supply, resiliency and protecting groundwater-dependent ecosystems, among other co-benefits.



In this session, we invite colleagues who are interested in either the characterization or the management of groundwater systems, particularly those who are interested in the role that nature-based solutions can play in sustainable groundwater management. We are especially interested in research that attempts to: 

  • Quantify the impacts of NBS approaches to groundwater resources management
  • Contribute with novel monitoring and assessment techniques in the data-scarce context of groundwater and potential of NBS
  • Include NBS in groundwater resources management frameworks and policies


  • One plenary talk (20 minutes) entitled: “Analytical Framework for Assessing Groundwater Resources with a Focus on Nature Based Solutions as Interventions”
  • 4 oral presentations
  • Posters 

Hosted by

Aaron Firoz

Head, Hydro-climate, Mechatronic & Remote sensing Pole
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Antonio Cardona-Benavides

Head of Earth Sciences Department
San Luis Potosi University, Mexico

Jorge León Sarmiento

PPGI-Applied Ecology | ESALQ-CENA
University of São Paulo

Santiago Penedo

Research and teaching staff / Water quality monitoring and modelling
Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), TH Köln

Ian McNamara

Research Associate, Water Resources Management
Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), TH Köln