Managing Water and Energy Resources in a Changing Climate


Climate, water, and energy are deeply intertwined. Power infrastructures, for example, are largely affected by extreme weather events, which can limit hydropower generation or reduce the capacity of transmission components. On the other hand, power infrastructures influence the connectivity and hydrology of rivers, creating one of the feedbacks mechanisms underpinning the climate-water-energy nexus. To manage water resources in a secure and sustainable manner, we thus need to understand and explain their relationship with energy and climate.

The objective of this session is to offer a scientific platform for investigations focusing on the interaction between water and energy resources under hydro-climatic uncertainty. In particular, we solicit novel contributions on: approaches for understanding the trade-offs and feedback mechanisms across sectors; methods for characterizing climate impact on water and energy resources; integration of water and energy models; and studies on planning and management of these resources. Contributions cutting across multiple sectors and temporal scales are encouraged. We welcome real-world examples on the successful application of these methods into decision-making practice.


Climate-water-energy nexus; Climate change; Water security; River basins; Power supply

Hosted by

Stefano Galelli

Associate Professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Mukand Babel

Asian Institute of Technology