Water Diplomacy: Building Bridges for Sustainable Development


Building on the successful experience in previous WSCC conferences, the Water Diplomacy Session will seek to deepen the understanding of the role of water for Sustainable Development and promote cooperative arrangements/institutions/effective instruments and diplomatic tools for adaptive approaches. The Session aims to address interlinked challenges and opportunities between water and human responses to water-driven conflicts to look for policy advice through dialogues and good governance, stakeholders’ dialogue through participation and cooperation, bridging the gender gap, and water/human security for climate-resilient development.

We expect to discover “Best Practices” in water governance learn about various case studies, scientific and theoretical discussions that can promote effective data to decision process to support the principle of water resources sustainability for implementation of 2030 Agenda and deliberating its dimension in the water governance narrative.


Precisely, the session objectives are:

  • Increase attention to the importance of cooperation and partnership at all levels to achieve water-related SDGs and targets as a shared responsibility of communities app.
  • Support the creation of an enabling environment for regional cooperation on shared water resources, including capacity building for informed decision making, stakeholders’ inclusion, and gender equity in water governance.
  • Shape multi-stakeholder interactions to enable good water governance with the help of diplomatic tools, political and institutional environment


  • Water governance
  • Multi-track diplomacy
  • Conflict-resolution
  • SDGs
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Coordination and participation
  • Capacity development

Hosted by

Mahsa Motlagh

Senior Research Fellow: Water Resources and Diplomacy