Water Management in the Age of Big Data


Water resources management ever since has been a research and application area dealing with different sources of data for decision making process. Recently due to the increased use of internet, digital devices, mobile phones, sensors, social networking sites, Satellite images, etc., large amount of big data (more than petabytes) is produced per minute or second. Data volumes are on an upward trajectory associated with increased data velocity, and variety. Big data as its name implies is unstructured data that is very big, fast, hard and comes in many forms. Big data is showing big promise in many water related applications such as planning optimum water systems, online data acquisition, data assimilation and integrated hydrological modelling, detecting ecosystem changes through big remote sensing and geographical information system, forecasting/predicting/detecting natural and manmade calamities, scheduling irrigations, mitigating environmental pollution, studying climate change impacts. The session will showcase application and platform of big data for water management and how big data analytics support users and decision makers in the new age.


  • Big data
  • Data management
  • Water management

Hosted by

Trinh Duc Tran

Senior researcher, lecturer – Head of Scientific research and development, international cooperation / Water resources management, water system analysis, water quality modeling

Vietnam Academy for Water Resources