Partner Session

Water management approaches for climate change mitigation and adaptation


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by conference organizers
Partner IHE Deft Institute for Water Education
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Title Water management approaches for climate change mitigation and adaptation
Objective(s) 1. To share knowledge and lessons learned from project-based experiences
2. Show-case good technological and management practices and approaches for climate change adaptation and mitigation
Abstract Water is the primary medium through which climate change impacts us. We are faced with extreme variability and deep uncertainties in the availability of water. At the same time, a growing global population and urbanization increases the demand for an assured supply of water in all countries. The EU emphasizes the need to integrate water policy goals with the aims of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. Enhancing the adaptive capacity of water systems, water use and wastewater reuse requires new approaches to water management and planning.

It requires participation from stakeholders across a variety of domains and a holistic view of water-use and -value for agriculture, industry, domestic use and ecosystem services. The climate-change related EU Floods Directive (2007/60/EC) aims to establish a framework for the assessment and management of flood risks to lessen the impact that flooding has on human health, economic activities, the environment, and cultural heritage in the EU.

In this proposed partner session, experts from the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (the Netherlands) will discuss sustainable eco-technologies and planning strategies for effective water management, the use of nature-based solutions (NBS) for disaster and climate resilience, and the role of different tools/approaches for planning under uncertain conditions and for building climate resilience.  

Speakers Dr. Eldon R. Rene
Dr. Pooja Prasad
Mr. Ahmmed Zulfiqar Rahaman
Dr. Solomon Seyoum
Mode of delivery Hybrid (to be confirmed)
Contact person Eldon R. Rene