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Water Towers:
Downstream Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by the organizers
Partner International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
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Title Water Towers: Downstream Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies
Objective(s) 1.   To present and discuss risks and vulnerabilities of climate change faced by major mountain watersheds across the globe

2.   To present and discuss on a framework for climate change adaptation strategies to build climate-resilient communities that are holistic, scalable, and translatable

Abstract One of the readily observed impacts of climate change is melting glaciers, whether it be in polar or mountainous areas of the world. This has profound implications for sea level rise and changing water systems throughout the watershed.  Mountains serve as water towers providing water for drinking, agriculture, industry, and the environment, yet the long-term downstream implications remain uncertain. 

An important question is, how do direct climate change impacts in mountainous regions, in terms of changing cryosphere, rainfall and temperature, impact socioeconomic activities and the environment downstream? 

This session aims to identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with climate change impacts across major mountain regions of the world and the impacts on downstream communities and environments and discuss participatory adaptation approaches that bring together nexus thinking to address complex and diverse adaptation strategies.

Mode of delivery Online
Contact person Dr. Charlotte Roehm and Dr. Paula Pacheco