Program 2023


Keynote Sessions

The Keynote Sessions are for invited thought leaders and visionaries to address the gathering. Keynote speakers will be invited to Cuenca to deliver their talk in person. These sessions will be recorded and shared through the conference media channels.

High-Level Panels

The High-Level Panel Discussions provide a platform to bring together influential voices, foster knowledge-sharing, and generate meaningful discussions that can inspire attendees and drive advancements related to the conference topic. The panelists are invited by the steering committee and share their expertise, experiences, and opinions on a defined topic, engaging in a dynamic and interactive conversation.

Workshops (WS)

Emerging state-of-the-art topics that have a strong bearing on the focus and themes of the conference. While the workshops 1-5 offer content related to specific topics, the workshops on the last day (WS 6-8) are related to each of the conference themes forming subgroups to discuss and connect (e.g., world-coffee, interactive meetings, developing ideas for a joint publication etc.).