T1 S3: Building Climate Resilience in Water Systems: Strategies and Solutions

23.11.2023 11:15 – 12:45
Auditory C101

This session highlights the pressing need for climate resilience in water systems and delves into a multifaceted exploration of strategies and solutions crucial for ensuring a sustainable and secure water future.

The talks address the key topics of water supply, water resources, and the availability of safe drinking water, with a particular focus on the unique challenges faced by cities in their quest for sustainability. From the assessment of social-ecological systems in subtropical regions, demonstrated in the Mexican Rioverde Region, to the innovative approaches used in the middle-sized Latin-American city Cuenca for sustainable water management, this session offers a comprehensive overview of the latest research and practical solutions. “Making thirsty cities sustainable” underscores the importance of adopting a nexus approach for water provisioning, as demonstrated in the case of Quito, Ecuador. “Aquavida” sheds light on the improved living conditions of communities promoting resilient societies to climate change. As cities continue to expand and face the consequences of climate change, the “Urban River Management Framework” in India introduces a powerful tool to propose holistic management of rivers that encompass environmental, social, and economic aspects, ensuring the well-being of both the population and the natural ecosystems.

Throughout this session, discussions will encompass strategies to maintain biodiversity, secure water supply, and engage stakeholders effectively. Join us to explore the innovative approaches and practical solutions that contribute to building climate resilience in water systems, guaranteeing a sustainable water future for all.

Session Host

Björn Weeser, Alicia Correa


11:15 – 11:20Welcome and introduction
11:20 –
Making thirsty cities sustainable: a nexus approach for water provisioning in Quito, EcuadorDunia González-Zeas
11:35 –
Sustainable water management under climate change in a middle-size Latin-American cityAna Ochoa-Sánchez
11:50 –
Aquavida: contribute to water Security through access to safe drinking waterYenny Alejandra Restrepo Gesama
12:05 –
Assessing social-ecological systems for resilience to climate change in sub-tropic regions: an integrated sensitivity model-based approach for water security and stakeholder management.Osmar Alejandro Farias Garduño
12:20 –
Urban River Management Framework: A tool to enhance climate resilience in Urban AreasJyoti Verma
12:35 – 12:45General discussion and summary