T2 S2: Innovation and Technology for Agri-Food Systems transformation

22.11.2023 11:15 – 12:45
Auditory C102

New and innovative technologies are key to develop sustainable agri-food systems. Water has become a highly competed resource and agriculture uses a large share of available water on the planet. The scenarios are further exacerbated due to the increased chance of extreme climatic events leading to water scarcity and drought promoted by climate change. More efficient and sustainable uses of water in agri-food systems are needed, which would include reuse and water treatment, smart agriculture, water management and assessing the sustainability of current irrigation systems.

Contributions will allow the comparison of different innovation approaches to design more efficient and sustainable agri-food systems in relation to water use, management and water quality improvement.

Session Host

Alejandro Pieters, Marcus Giese


11:15 – 11:20Welcome and introduction
11:20 –
Wastewater reuse for agriculture – Treatment with low-cost trickling filters in different climates in Peru and CameroonManuel Kraus
11:35 –
Biorefineries: the link between agroindustrial wastewater and green energyVictor Alcaraz-Gonzalez
11:50 –
Morphological development and productivity of bean cultivated with reclaimed water and biosolidaMario Kato
12:05 –
The effect of vapor pressure deficit on genotypic nutrient uptake and biomass production of hydroponically grown tomatoTheresa Detering
12:20 –
Understanding sustainable issues in Andean irrigation systems: insights from 235 systemsGina Berrones
12:35 – 12:45General discussion and summary