WS3: Water security challenges to social-ecological systems: a multi-perspective approach

21.11.2023 14:15 – 15:45
Main Auditory

Implementing integrated solutions to promote water security can be hindered by both biophysical, socioeconomic and governance factors, including climate and land use changes, as well as changing water demand and water policies. The concept of Integrated Water Resource Management has been around for decades, and new applications of integrated water solutions have emerged in local watersheds from across the globe. In this session, we aim to highlight innovative solutions linked to water security of social-ecological systems and related challenges for research and decision-making. In this session, we invite participants to present in a rapid format an existing, local-scale, innovative approach to water security. Our goal is to prepare a multi-case study manuscript highlighting emerging approaches that balance competing water needs and differing values. Afterwards, we will invite the audience to an informal meeting to further the conversation.

Conference participants interested in presenting their case study can email Fabian Drenkhan to receive further instructions.

Session Host

Fabian Drenkhan, Alex Fremier, Mario Córdova, Rolando Célleri