WS6: Water Funds: A Financial Mechanism towards Water Security

22.11.2023 14:15 – 15:45
Main Auditory

Water Funds have proven to be an innovative and efficient solution that focuses on rising funds for implementing different strategies for watershed conservation and restoration, based on science and recognizing ancestral knowledge and previous social experience.

In this session we will present different experiences from the very first water fund (started in 2000), to the newly created Andean Water Funds Platform, which includes 10 different funds from 3 countries in Latin America. Special attention will be given to the relationship with research, monitoring and academia.

After a short presentation from the panelists, that will include achievements and current and future challenges, we will start an open discussion where we hope to identify new opportunities to collaborate with different partners in applied research focused on water security.

Session Host

Eduardo Villagómez, Bert De Bievre, Pablo Lloret