WS8: Theme 2: Pathways for sustainable agro-ecosystems transformation

23.11.2023 14:15 – 15:45
Auditory C102

Climate change and multiple crises demand for resilient and responsive agri-food systems. Many concepts have been developed and promoted to accelerate a sustainable systems transformation. The food, energy and water nexus is adding complexity with regard to competing land-use strategies while natural resources and ecosystem services need to be safeguarded.  Therefore, pathways for system transformation need to make sure that modern agriculture ensures the provision of food and bioenergy, but on the other hand, meets the criteria of sustainable development. This can only be achieved through inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation. When describing promising pathways for sustainable systems transformation, obstacles, opportunities, knowledge gaps, and required resources must be identified from different, multi actor perspectives.

The workshop will promote knowledge exchange and discussions towards promising pathways of sustainable agro-ecosystems transformation.

After a short introduction round to identify the diversity of the participants the workshop will gather ideas and views from participants on various guiding questions in a world café format.

Session Host

Marcus Giese, Alejandro Pieters, Gina Berrones, Adrian Sucozhañay