WS7: Theme 1: Hydro-climatic Nexus: Unveiling Scientific Perspectives on Water and Climate Challenges

23.11.2023 14:15 – 15:45
Auditory C101

Workshop Overview:

This workshop is shaped to extract, discuss, and refine scientific perspectives originating from Theme 1 of the WSCC23 conference, exploring challenges and opportunities at the intersection of water and climate within the following activities:

Activity 1: “Hydro-climatic Ice Breaker Bingo”

Engage in stimulating game aimed at decoding terms related water and climate. This seeks to found a common understanding and consensus on such topics. The terms will be distributed in the form of cards to participants.
– Mechanisms for better science communication
– Working group on WSCC23 scientific communication

Activity 2: “Hydro-climatic World Café Discussion”

Explore the scientific café (coffee) stations, each with key themes to develop ideas from the scientific knowledge gained during WSCC23 Theme 1. Scientists will rotate between stations, contributing ideas and insights to foster inclusive and participatory approaches. Finally, our reporters will summarize the discussions.
A short document with synthesis of proposals for the development of scientific perspectives, potentially shaping research-driven outcomes and ideas for a community paper.

Join “Hydro-climatic Nexus” and become part of a scientific workshop dedicated to unveiling perspectives on water and climate nexus and related challenges and opportunities. Moreover, network with diverse scientific actors in a collaborative and dynamic setting.

Session Host

Alicia Correa, Rolando Célleri