Partner Session

New Economic Approaches to accelerate SDG 6 implementation


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by the organizers
Partner Sustainable Water Future Program of Future Earth
Associate partner(s) Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO
Title New Economic Approaches to accelerate SDG 6 implementation
Objective(s) 1.   To discuss on the role of economics in the assessment, evaluation, and implementation of sustainable development goals.
Abstract Though SDGs are time-bound goals, they can be described more as a part of the continual global process that aligns with our collective societal actions towards sustainable human development while balancing nature’s needs. It acts as insurance to safeguard the welfare of our future generations.
SDG is a very ambitious visionary initiative from the onset, and the process, however, is time relevant as it underlines the timeliness of our action- “act today than wait for tomorrow”.
Any delay in action on SDG leads to increasing costs with a higher future societal burden. Today with only eight years left until 2030, little progress has been achieved according to the UN reports on SDG monitoring. The session will discuss the role of science in SDG implementation and how economics can play a bridging role between science and policy. It will unpack the answers to the question- what kind of new economic approach do we need in SDG implementation?
Speakers Prof. Carlo Giupponi
Dr. Elena Lopez Gunn
Dr. Sayed Iftekhar
Prof. Tapan Sarkar
Mode of delivery Online
Contact person Anik Bhaduri