Partner Session

Climate Action to Develop Resilient Water Smart Cities


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by the organizers
Partner Water Sensitive Cities Australia (WSCA)
Associate partner(s) Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP)

Title Climate Action to Develop Resilient Water Smart Cities
Objective(s) 1.   To increase understanding on the role that cities have to play in addressing climate hazards and implementing adaptation strategies that support different scales including their wider catchments

2.   To share experiences on addressing climate challenges across different urban contexts, and how cities are developing robust and resilient integrated water management investments

3.   To provide a space for knowledge exchange between panelists and participants on the successes and failures to building resilience within cities as part of integrated urban water management

Abstract Our growing cities offer opportunities for improved wealth, health, and wellbeing. Water management impacts most aspects of urban development and will be a key determinant in whether the opportunities offered by urban growth are realized.

At the same time climate change is bringing increasing challenges across the water sector with more variability in rainfall, and associated drought, water scarcity and flooding; higher demand due to temperatures and extreme heat; and challenges to infrastructure through fire, disaster, and sea level rise.

Feasible and effective adaptation strategies have become necessary to achieve sustainable and resilient development. These strategies must be place based, integrated, and multi-sectoral in order to reduce social inequalities and vulnerabilities associated with climate change.

Speakers Dr. John Dore
Dr. Hemant Ojha
Dr. Niramon Serisakul
Mode of delivery Online
Contact person Katharine Cross