SDG6 in the Urban Context: Assessing, Analyzing and Addressing Synergies and Trade-offs Between SDG6 and Other SDGs Through Innovative Tools and Methods


The achievement of SDG6 is strongly interlinked with the localization of other SDGs and these connections can generate both synergies and trade-offs. While this occurs in all settings, it is especially relevant in cities, which are dense and growing hubs for innovation and economic activities. By 2030, 60% of the global population is projected to live in urban areas and while this global trend of urbanization opens various possibilities, it also presents significant challenge in the context of sustainability. Already today, many cities are experiencing multi-scaled water burdens simultaneously and struggle to ensure water security.

The objective of this session is to investigate the character of interlinkages between SDG6 and other SDGs in the urban context and to present case studies and innovative methods and tools that address these synergies and trade-offs. Central questions for this session are: How does the localization of SDG6 affect the localization of other SDGs in the urban context (and vice versa)? How can innovative tools and methods encourage synergies between SDGs in the urban context? What is the potential of decentralized approaches, participative planning and nature-based solutions to address SDG interlinkages in the urban context?

After the presentations, we invite participants and speakers to engage in an interactive simulation model to solve an urban development challenge that includes interlinkages between SDG6 and other SDGs.


SDG synergies and trade-offs, Integrated urban water management, Sustainable urban development, Participative urban planning, Decentralized solutions, Nature-based solutions, Water-sensitive cities


Introduction/opening, speakers/presentations, interactive simulation model (30 -45min)

Oral Presentations

  • Koh, Rachel; Babel, Mukand S.; Shinde, Victor R.; Mendoza, Guillermo: Towards Climate Resilient Municipal Water Supply in Bangkok: A Collaborative Risk Informed Analysis
  • De Stercke, Simon; Chaturvedi, Vaibhav; Buytaert, Wouter; Mijic, Ana: SDG-based integrated scenarios of Mumbai’s water-energy nexus
  • Marcal, Juliana; Hofman, Jan; Shen, Junjie; Butler, David: Urban water security assessment at city and sector levels

Poster Presentations

  • Dekker, Greta; Wilk-Pham, Ania; McNamara, Ian: Polycentric and water-sensitive urban development – concept and potential transition pathways
  • Gupta, Hendra; Frank, Fladerer; Thammarat, Koottatep: Aligning SDGs to City Plans through Water and Sanitation Interventions: Case Studies from 6 Southeast Asian Cities

Hosted by

Bernd Gutterer

Principal Investigator (PI) PolyUrbanWaters Project

PolyUrbanWaters Project

Thammarat Koottatep

Professor at the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate, School of Environment, Resources and Development

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Greta Dekker

Research Associate & Coordinator, PolyUrbanWaters Project

Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems, TH Köln