Partner Session

Mainstreaming Water Resilience in Asia and the Pacific – ADB’s ARe yoU Water Resilient Initiative


Date and time (ICT) To be decided by the organizers
Partner Asian Development Bank (ADB)
1.      To discuss with experts and partners on current challenges of water resilience in the Asia and the Pacific region

2.      To discuss how the ‘Asia and the Pacific Water Resilience Hub’ can provide solutions through innovative tools, trainings, and knowledge products.

Abstract Water is the primary medium through which we feel the effects of climate change. Focusing on resilient water management has therefore become extremely urgent and central to climate adaptation.
To tackle these issues, ADB Water Sector Group (WSG) has set up the “RUWR: aRe yoU Water Resilient?” initiative. As part of this initiative, ADB WSG has launched the “Asia and the Pacific Water Resilience Hub”, a unique platform of its kind for the region.
It brings together water experts, policy makers, resource managers, and water implementers to collectively address water resilience in the region to enable countries and water entities better prepare for natural hazards, climate change, water insecurity, and social and economic crises. During the session, the “RUWR Initiative” and the “Asia and the Pacific Water Resilience Hub” will be introduced and discussed with experts and partners with the objective to tackle some of the current and future challenges around water resilience in the region.
Mode of delivery Online
Contact person
Ms. Mafalda Pinto