T1 S2: Ecosystem Resilience and Sustainable Practices

22.11.2023 11:15 – 12:45
Auditory C101

In the face of environmental challenges driven by a changing climate, the session on “Ecosystem Resilience and Sustainable Practices” explores innovative approaches aimed at safeguarding our planet’s delicate balance. Within this session, the presenters will cover various topics, including methodological guides, adaptation strategies, and the integration of circular economy concepts to foster resilient ecosystems. The discussion will encompass diverse terrains, ranging from headwaters in the Tropical Andes to coastal ecosystems in the Pacific and the Mexican Caribbean.

Key themes of this session are centered on the pivotal roles of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and natural infrastructure in climate adaptation and mitigation. Circular economy principles will also take center stage, aiming for sustainable resource use and reuse, particularly focusing on enhancing the resilience of ethnic communities in the face of climate change. Speakers will examine human-induced pressures on high-altitude ecosystems and emphasize the role of native forests -as natural infrastructure- and wetlands for water security, resilience and adaptation of such ecosystems. Furthermore, the session will explore the impact of socio-economic development on lowland ecosystems and how circular economy practices contribute to their resilience. The aim is to ensure these ecosystems retain their vitality and continue to serve their inhabitants amidst evolving environmental conditions.

Overall, this session is aimed to gain a deeper understanding of how innovative practices can fortify our planet’s ecosystems and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Session Host

Alicia Correa, Björn Weeser


11:15 – 11:20Welcome and introduction
11:20 –
Methodological guide for ecohydrological monitoring in Andean basins: towards an integrated analysis of biodiversity and ecosystem servicesJan Baiker
11:35 –
The Potential of High-Andean Forests to Provide Ecohydrological Resilience to Climate Change in the Andean PáramoGiovanny Mosquera
11:50 –
A low-cost framework for estimating high-altitude wetlands’ contributions to streamflowAnthony Ross
12:05 –
Water related NbS´s and circular economy for indigenous communities in ColombiaDiana Lucia Diaz Romero
12:20 –
Sustainability of the Mexican Caribbean: Converting Weaknesses into StrengthsRodolfo Silva
12:35 – 12:45General discussion and summary